The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts


Today, artists and designers are reshaping the ways we think and act by producing images, objects, events, and interactions in real, virtual, and imagined environments. What is common is the use of technology to explore the capacity of media, material, software, process, time, space, or motion to be investigated, questioned, and shaped into something new.

The Penn State's School of Visual Arts' digital studios immerse students in nimble, flexible, and adaptive programs of art and design that enable them to infuse their talent and creativity into a world of changing visual technologies. Faculty guide and support students’ creativity and curiosity in digital art and design. Skills in visual thinking, computer programming, and graphic communication are fostered in a climate of invention and collaboration. Students explore digital media in studies of technology, theory, and culture.

The Bachelor of Design in Interdisciplinary Digital Studio (IDS) prepares students to explore, critically appraise, and further push the boundaries of how emerging technologies are used. The IDS program responds to the distinctive technical, creative, and intellectual needs of professionals working in the collaborative, fluid environments that characterize digital art and design.