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Art Education at Penn State explores the making of art, and curriculum as the making of ideas that matter. These ways of making are participatory, creative, and socially relevant.

The Art Education program focuses on intersections among studio experience, the study of works of art, visual culture, educational practice, and the evolving disciplines of child and youth culture, digital technologies, feminist and critical pedagogies, critical race theory, histories of art education, curriculum and cultural studies, art museum education, professional development, arts-based research, and practice-led research.

Art Education faculty members and students form a community of inquirers and teachers who are interested in exploring a wide range of interests within and beyond the field of art education. This community thrives on expanding the ever-changing conceptualization of what the field of art education was, is, and will be. The program's approach to art education is expansive rather than exclusive. Students immerse themselves in the related but sometimes very different worlds of art, visual culture, and education.

"Penn State is where art educators come from." Professor Christine Marmé Thompson

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