The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts



In 2017 the U.S News & World Report ranked Penn State University’s Ceramic Art Program 12th in the country.

Formed by hand, clay documents the maker's touch. The eye defines the form and the mind and the heart give the work of art its meaning. The very personal rendering of its elements is what makes a work of art unique. Ceramics at Penn State welcomes both functional potters-and sculptors alike. It provides each student with the tools needed to find and pursue his or her artistic vision in a professional manner.

In order to lay a foundation of technical knowledge we teach traditional ceramics techniques including, clay mixing, handbuilding, wheel throwing, mold making, slip casting, glazing, and kiln firing. Building on these basic techniques, the student is gradually encouraged take ownership of where he/she finds indispensable meaning. Readings, discussions, slide presentations, and visiting artists, augment this process. Diverse faculty interests and approaches add to the educational experience by providing a wide swath of reference materials, which include contemporary theory, artists, exhibition practices, and criticism. Attendance and participation in related conferences and symposia is seriously encouraged. Over time, the making process takes on a life of its’ own. Craft and art conventions merge, sometimes leading to investigations outside of those strongly embedded in the traditions of ceramics. The cross disciplinary nature of a diverse art education builds freely upon the foundational knowledge learned at the front end.

At all levels, ceramic history and contemporary art criticism are taught in conjunction with working techniques arid practical studio skills to enable the students to graduate as thinking artists with a notion of their own artistic voice. Many of our alumni have been offered a variety of professional opportunities including graduate school, residencies, apprenticeships, and teaching opportunities. A great percentage continue in their ceramic art making. Ceramics at Penn State has artistic professionalism at its core.