The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Photography Minor

The School of Visual Arts has introduced a Photography Minor. The purpose of the Photography Minor is to enhance degree offerings that meet the needs of non-art majors’ interest in integrating their undergraduate experience with professional photographic skills and knowledge. Broadly speaking, successful photographers rely on hard work, creativity, determination, and taking advantage of opportunity. Students taking the Photography Minor are expected to be similarly motivated and capable. A Minor in Photography enables students to integrate knowledge of photography, professional competencies, and creative capabilities, in a range of areas and is especially appropriate for students with substantial interest in photography, but who intend to pursue careers in other fields.

Students in the Photography Minor gain access to skills and knowledge necessary to identify and create photography of high quality in all areas and applications. The learning outcomes include technical and intellectual proficiencies, creative skills and capabilities, artistic and aesthetic sensibilities, commercially oriented skills and knowledge, collaborative and visual communication skills and experiences, and cultural awareness and ethical understanding regarding the use of images. These photographic capacities are readily adaptable as life-long learning skills for use in a wide variety of majors and careers that rely on or benefit from the use of photography. The minor strengthens existing majors where making or using professional quality photographic imagery would be an advantage.

Students completing the Photography Minor will find a flexible coursework structure that ensures their artistic interests are met. Courses are designed to create options for learning as well as achieve a range of outcomes.

Requirement for the Photography Minor

Students in the Photography Minor are expected to maintain acceptable academic growth as demonstrated by earning of grades of C or higher. The minor includes two prescribed classes, PHOTO 303: Professional Photography: Studio Technique and Photocomposition (3 cr), and PHOTO 404 Professional Photography Capstone: Marketing and Professional Presence (4 cr). These two courses focus students on client-based commercially oriented photographic skills and knowledge. Students are then free to choose the remaining 12 credits of additional PHOTO courses with the intent that with these courses they will tailor their curriculum to suit their specific need or interest. For a Minor in Photography a minimum of 19 credits are required. These are taken within the following curriculum structure.