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Saturday School

Penn State School of Visual Arts Art Education Program
Saturday Art Class for students ages 4-18

One of SoVA’s treasured gems, Saturday School is an opportunity for local children and teens to come together to explore ideas and materials with advanced Art Education majors, under the direction of faculty and graduate assistants, over a period of eight weeks. The program focuses on approaches to learning art that are innovative and exciting and that help students experience art in many forms.

Saturday School is a tradition in the community. Parents and grandparents of students enrolled today recall coming to Saturday School themselves. The program takes advantage of the University's resources, with field trips to places such as the Arboretum and the Palmer Museum of Art, and visits from artists, scientists, and architects.

Classes are offered in both spring and fall semesters, running Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m., in studio classrooms in Patterson, Visual Arts and Arts Cottage buildings on the Penn State campus, and are designed for students at each grade level from preschool through adolescence. Having two hours to work with students every week allows for more complicated and long-term projects than are possible in the public schools, with a focus on expanding students' experiences with traditional and newer media and technologies. At the end of each semester, students' work is highlighted in an exhibition in Edwin W. Zoller Gallery, SoVA's professional gallery space.

Registration information:
NOTE: We're excited to announce that online registration will be available soon for the Fall 2017 session. This will be the only form of registration available. We are no longer accepting in person or email registrations. To register, click here.