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College of Arts and Architecture Commencement Walk
Penn State’s weekend of graduation celebrations saw many SoVA students blooming alongside spring as they stepped into a new...
Charolette Waltz
Yes, it’s true. Charolette Waltz has announced her retirement, effective July 2013. We are delighted for the opportunities...
Barter Ball Poster
The end of the semester provides an opportunity to showcase the best of what our students produce. Yet with each semester...
Museum Poster
The Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County presents a Legacy of Creative Endeavors, an exhibition that will feature Penn...
Toms River Roller Coaster Taken by Michelle Holt
Developing Environmental Consciousness, an exhibition featuring photos by students in Photography and the Environment, was...
Ann Tarantino Topoanalysis
Mixed Greens is thrilled to present a site-specific installation by Pennsylvania-based artist Ann Tarantino. The intricate,...
"We Are" Sculpture Site
Penn State’s 2013 Senior Class is sponsoring a national competition for a public art sculpture that represents the...
Installation in Sculpture Studio for 2013 Arts Crawl
The seventh annual Arts Crawl took place on Friday, April 5.  Hosted by Students Organizing the Multiple Arts, the event...
Screenshot Image from Roberto Lugo's Interview With Channel 6 News
The Penn State School of Visual Arts Ceramics Club is working on a special project to help raise money for the Faith Centre...
lithographic portrait of Beverly McIver's sister Renee
2010 Penn State Alumni Fellow Beverly McIver will speak as part of the Penn State Forum lecture series on Friday, April 19...


Upcoming Events

Start Date
Saturday School Exhibition
End Date: Apr 28
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Event Description: Final exhibition of student work produced throughout the SP18 semester
Location: Edwin W. Zoller Gallery
Reception: Saturday, April 28, 11:00 A.M.