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Amirmasoud Agharebparast

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M.F.A. Studio Art
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6 Borland, University Park, Pennsylvania State University
Amir is an Iranian photographer living in the United State. While most of his work deals with memories rooted deeply in his personal life, due to this new yet ongoing exile, it is also looking outward into the lives of the people living abroad. Although he considers himself a photographer, he believes different media offers different avenues to express different ideas. His work is profoundly affected by his background studies in Architecture and his life as an overly organized person. Carefully-composed straight lines, organized grid layouts and carefully shaped artworks speak to him. Amir has years of teaching experience at university level both in Iran and the U.S. and has been awarded for his photographs internationally. his has recently awarded two international photographic distinctions, Artist FIAP “Artist FIAP (AFIAP)” and “GPU Crown 1” from "Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique" and "Global Photographic Union" respectively. Currently, he is continuing his practice in the art, seeking his Master’s degree in Fine Arts at The Pennsylvania State University.