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School of Visual Arts

Melissa Leaym-Fernandez

teaching artist, art education, painter
Teaching Artist
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107 Arts Cottage
As a teaching artist Leaym-Fernandez has worked in a plethora of settings to bring visual arts education to people of all ages. She has created curriculum and taught visual arts practices all over the world. She has worked with the leprosy-effected in India teaching painting workshops at the Bindu School of Art to adult survivors of leprosy; She has taught in rural and urban settings.She has worked with the hearing-impaired while teaching (and using ASL) in a museum setting. In addition, she has taught in the last few years in Flint, Michigan--where the water is still undrinkable and the money is scarce. Her interests include women artists and womanly themes are active in her professional works as a painter. These themes can include motherhood, the roles of women as nurturer, leader and the family. She also is interested in the effects of lead poisoning, perpetual poverty, and toxic stress on the creative development of children, children being creative in an alternative (which may include the student dealing with severe behavior, social or academic challenges due to a variety of causes) setting; equality for arts education for children living in poverty and helping teachers that work with these populations have the best tools, support and help they need to bring vibrant visual arts programming to their students.