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Graduate Research in Art Education

The purpose of the Graduate Research in Art Education (GRAE) conference is to provide a forum for students from Penn State, Ohio State, Syracuse University, and Teachers College to meet to discuss issues and developments in art education that are being opened up by current graduate student research. Since 2005, the GRAE conference takes place each fall semester in a rotation at one of the participating institutions. The 13th annual GRAE will be held at Penn State, October 27-29, 2017.

Click here for an interactive map to find parking, attractions, and restaurants for GRAE guests.

DVD sets of prior year's GRAE presentations are available through the Penn State University Libraries (conduct a CAT library search using presenters’ names or titles of their presentations).

GRAE established in 2005 by Karen Keifer-Boyd & Graeme Sullivan
For more information contact GRAE coordinator: Karen Keifer-Boyd

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